Low Platelets

Platelets Dramatically Increased

"Hi Lloyd, How are you today?   Dropping you a few line as promised, Yes with great news as I have hope to expect, I guess the carao worked well, been to my doc the result was great my platelets level have been increased by 10,000, it was 86,000 now it's 96,000.   I was unable to take the dosage as directed on the label, i took less, almost every other day and still I was able…

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Improved Energy Level, Cancer, Chemotherapy

Improved blood values Allow Chemotherapy

"Good morning LLoyd It is been almost 3 weeks that my husband started  taking carao, and I believe that although he still may need another transfusion in  few weeks he does not feel as weak as he used to feel before. My husband and myself have faith that this is going to help him and who knows with God's help he may not even need a bone marrow transplant. I also have to mention that …

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Improved Energy Level, Anemia (Cause Unknown)

Excellent results for lack of energy

 "Thank you for your promt response to my order.  My friend, Joanna P., is having excellent results for her anemia, lack of energy, etc. Most definitely the carao helps me very significantly.  I go for a walk a pace that reminds me of when I was half my 51 years.  Its is some very great natural food supplement."  Dale (California Redlands, CA) 

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Cancer, Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy for breast cancer

"Hi Lloyd, My friend, a 40 year old Nigerian lady, had recently undergone surgery for breast cancer. She was having post operative chemotherapy but treatment was delayed as she was somewhat anemic. She then started taking a herbal formula called "Floradix" (they have several variants and I don't know which one). This had helped her blood count but it was still low at around 8. When she added the carao while continuing to take Floradix…

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Improved Energy Level

Feels Very Good!

 "Dear lloyd,This eric with a nice update went to work for the first time in a long time feel very nice work through the day with good energy without feelin tired the sun was out too felt that smooth energy level again damn it was nice didnt jump out of balance it felt nice so far incorparated wheatgrass cubes with banna ,papaya,pineapple,mango with brewer yeast,maca root,grounded flax seeds and water in the blender and I…

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