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Anemia and Low Weight in Infant

I am pleasantly surprised at how well my son is doing overall. His latest lab values are all within normal limits. He has gained weight 20% and his endurance and energy level has changed noticeably. He is a much more happy little guy. His tonsils are still big and our pediatrician wants to wait a little longer for him to gain more weight before we take them out. At least now he is back on the weight chart. I want to thank you for getting the product to me quickly. He would not take it at first and it took a couple weeks to find a way to get it to him. I started mixing very small amounts in hot water and adding this to his morning milk. I gradually increased the amount up to one table spoon at present. Now he loves it and watches the process every morning. Thanks again and look for our new order. - Todd, Camie, Keith, and Jack.  Nevada, USA