Procrit or Epogen, Doctor Impressed, Anemia (Cause Unknown)

No More Procrit, "Nurses are in Awe"

"Hi Lloyd, I purchase some bottles of the carao awhile back because of my body being unable to produce hemoglobin correctly. I wanted to give you a few labs numbers, as I get procrit shots about one time a month. There are side effects from the shots, but when you have no choice, that’s what you do. The last shot I received was May 2, at which time is about when I received the Carao.…

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Procrit or Epogen, Kidney Failure, Chemotherapy

No More Procrit Necessary

"I had a belated appointment for my procrit test on Friday afternoon. It had been 30 days since my last check of which I previously reported to you. Friday my HGB was 11.7 anf my HCT was 38.3 and I was given 20,000 procrit. This is down from 40,000-60,000 every two weeks for the past 18 months. The other happening, and I am not sure of the significance yet is my insulin usage. It is…

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Procrit or Epogen, Transfusion, Improved Energy Level, Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure, Regular Blood Transfusions

Male, age 65 
Kidney failure approximately 1998 
Epogen shots 3 times a week for 3 1/2 years 
Epogen shots 4 times a week for the last 6 months 
Has needed transfusions over the last 8 years every so often ....having had 131 units over this period of time.  Last hospitalizations for transfusion were June 6 , 2005 and again June 26, 2005.  In the last couple years he has been in the hospital for transfusions more than a half dozen times.

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