Procrit or Epogen, Transfusion, Improved Energy Level, Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure, Regular Blood Transfusions

Male, age 65 
Kidney failure approximately 1998 
Epogen shots 3 times a week for 3 1/2 years 
Epogen shots 4 times a week for the last 6 months 
Has needed transfusions over the last 8 years every so often ....having had 131 units over this period of time.  Last hospitalizations for transfusion were June 6 , 2005 and again June 26, 2005.  In the last couple years he has been in the hospital for transfusions more than a half dozen times.

Terry began taking Carao on June 30, 2005.

He is on his third bottle. He came out of the hospital after a transfusion on June 26, with a hemoglobin count of 9.0. This was after 7 units of blood. His count prior to the transfusions was 4.5. Historically, this has been the pattern.

I began keeping a journal on his progress beginning June 30th. By July 5 already we could see changes. The coloring in his face was so noticeable. 
Next we noticed his level of energy had increased. He did not need to stop every few feet to rest anymore. He was able to do chores around the property that he hadnt done in years. We went on a vacation in the Yucatan Peninsula and he was able to go deep sea fishing for the first time in years. 

Terry has adult diabetes (class two) also a congestive heart condition. Before taking Carao he had a great deal of swelling in his legs. Now that his blood in in better condition he seems to have far less swelling. He now takes less Lasixs than before for his legs. He has also noticed that due to better blood flow......he can see the veins in his hands which did not show before. 

The best news of all ........he is maintaining the hemoglobin level at 9.0. This means he is not needing to go in for transfusions. We will keep monitoring his hemoglobin very regularly as we have just acquired a monitor to be able to do this ourselves. 

We will keep updating you as time goes by. We are truly happy with the results and thank you ever so much for your work. 

Maxine and Terry Poulton  8/2005

Hello again, 

Yes, Terry still takes the Epogen shots. It is too early to consider stopping them....however, I am doubtful as to how much help they actually do. 

I would say that the diabetes must be improved for this reason also. The carao is naturally sweet and yet he has not gone out of balance having this extra sweetness. Actually, I would say that he is able to have more foods now that he would not ordinarily eat so much of. ( Like more fruit) He also does not require nearly as much water as he did before. While he still drinks plenty is only half of what he required before. Before he was often very dry mouthed.



Dear Lloyd,

We have noticed the "feeling of well being" regardless of the actual blood count. There may be a few reasons for that. 

1. Terry feels that because he was so anemic for so long.....with the yo-yo affect of up and down.....that finally having some kind of stability surely must contribute to the feeling of well being. 

2. It appears that bodies adjust to whatever level of HGB that it must. And while the average for the population may be one thing.....what an individual body makes due with....may be something else. (as well as sufficient for them). For this reason, Terry feels he is back to his normal self at 9.0. And it is not just him thinking this.......I see it as well. 

I will be taking his HGB next week again.....and will let you know. 

To me it makes sense that the diabetes condition would improve SINCE the blood supply to the entire body is now more sufficient. I just spoke to Terry on this subject.....and he agrees that there seems to be an improvement in the diabetes as well. He has not cut down on carbs to allow for the he has tolerated the increase with no problem. I will be including our observations on this in our journal. 

At this point we have only talked to Terry's primary doctor concerning his regimen on Carao. I do not think he believes we know what we are talking about.....but he will as time passes. This is why I have maintained the journal. Eventually, when a sustained change is evident, this will be talked about to all of his doctors. And, that list is lengthy. 

At this point all of our family is witness to the changes. My daughter who lives here in Arizona is astonished. She knows first hand that the improvement is great. 

As time passes....I will do what I can do to help get you donations for Africa. We will be glad to help when we can. 

Please tell me when you will start production again ......I would like to see about making a trip down to see you. 

(update November 15, 2007)
Dear Lloyd,
Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving time to you and yours. 
We are fine here.....especially Terry.  He has made a fine recovery from his last operation, and we are living our life in fullness.  
We still continue to use Carao and still marvel at what it does for us.   I  sent another person recently to you,  who has also ordered.  
Nice to hear from you.......Maxine