Use by Children, Sickle Cell Disease

Laboratory Results, Sokoto State Specialist Hospital November, 2005

Department of Paediatrics
Specialist Hospital Sokoto-Phone 080 52613602
Attending Physician Dr. Attahiru Isa Sokoto, M.D.

The new data on patients receiving Carao is as follow:-

1.Name:-Shafa Bello
Age:- 10 years old
Diagnosis:- Sickle cell disease/Crisis
Lab.Results:- PCV before Carao(PCV-23%)12/10/2005
PCV after Carao for 2 weeks(PCV-27%) 26/10/2005

N.B.This patient came to our clinic with severe Anaemia and
crisis(Hands,legs and joins pain).Immediately after started Carao,the
crisis gone and her level of PCV increase dramatically to 27% and she
is doing fine now no more crisis like before.

2. Name:-Salama Sani
Age:-7 months old
Diagnosis:- Sickle cell Disease/Crisis
Lab.results:-PCV before Carao(PCV-23%)12/10/2005
PCV after Carao for 2 weeks(PCV-26%)12/10/2005

N.B.This patient is 7 months old and she has been having crisis with
anorexia and anaemia for quite some time before her parent decide to
bring her to our clinic and after started Carao the patient is feeling
great and she is no more receiving pains(According to her parents) and
she also add weight.

3. Name:-Mohammed Bashir
Age:-2 years 3 months
Diagnosis:- Sickle cell disease/crisis
Lab.results:- PCV before Carao(PCV 20%)12/10/2005
PCV after Carao for 2 weeks(PCV 25%)

N.B:-The patient brought to me with serious pain,facial and pedal
edema,pale but when started Carao before 2 weeks of the normal time we
used to give them,for folow-up,the patient facial and pedal edema has
gone and the level of his PCV and haemoglobin has increased.

4. Name:-Mohammed Nasir
Age:- 7 months old
Diagnosis:-Sickle cell disease/Anaemia with crisis
Lab.results:-PCV before Carao(PCV 19%)12/10/2005
PCV after Carao(PCV 27)26/10/2005

N.B.This patients was anaemic with crisis when presented to us at
clinic but after 2 weeks of taking Carao the pcv level increased and
looks better.

5. Name:- Yahuza Mohammed
Age:- 10 years old
Diagnosis:- ?Leukemia(On querry)
?Aplastic Anaemia(On querry)
Lab results:- PCV before Carao(PCV-12%)8/08/2005
PCV after Carao(PCV- 15%) 15/08/2005-1st
bottle of Carao.
PCV after 1st bottle of
Carao(PCV-22%)22/08/2005-2nd bottle of Carao.

N.B.This patient a 10 year old child has been manage at another
hospital with recurent of severe anaemia,with history of epitaxis
which started 3 months ago.Bleed profusely from the nostril,for which
he has received blood transfussion several times.In each accassion
receiving upto 2-3 pints of blood,last transfussion was 3 weeks ago
and he was palling again with severe anaemia.(This was a refeered
letter to our hospital).

On admission to our hospital we query 1.Leukemia 2.Aplastic Anaemia
and was placed on CARAO which gives us a wonderful results.The Boy now
is cure with Carao,the father said he is no more bleeding and he is
well doing most of the work he used to do before,going to school
without any recurent of bleeding or anaemia.

This are the resent data and i hope you will analyse it and if there
is any question you are free to ask me.

Thank you once again for all the carao and God bless,

Dr. Sokoto