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Anemia from Menstrual Blood Loss

"I am having tremendous results. I have suffered with extreme blood loss for 8 years and was hospitalized in 1997. I refused a blood transfusion which the doctors insisted I needed.

While in the hospital I was injected with epogen once a week for two weeks to add oxygen to what little blood I had to help increase the production of red blood cells.

Over the next 7 years I would be plagued with extreme fatigue, severe…

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Improved Energy Level, Menstruation and Related, Blood Loss

Anemia Due to Bleeding Fibroids

Good news. I had my hemoglobin tested on Tuesday (Jan 11th) after taking carao for only 2 weeks and the result was 7.1 (it was 5.8 on Dec 10th).  I am confident that my next blood test, 4-6 weeks from now, will reveal improved levels in both hemoglobin and iron stores. I am feeling better energy levels already.

I'll keep you posted of the next test results. I have enough carao to keep me…

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Improved Energy Level, Menstruation and Related

HGB from 6 to 9 in 4 Weeks

I ordered two bottles from you over a month ago for my girlfriend. She was on the verge of getting a blood transfusion. She has been taking two to four teaspoons a day. She has also been taking 325mg of iron a day as well (half her doctor’s recommended dose of iron). Now her hemoglobin has gone from under 6 to over 9 with a 12 being the normal range in just 4 weeks. Her…

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Anemia (Cause Unknown), Menstruation and Related

No More Menstrual Pain

Dear L.Milse i hope you are doing very well. i have started to do exercise and i am feeling very well and energetic, but the amazing thing about the product is that i use to have a lot of pain when i have period, before it start one week i cry and a lot off depression, back,stomach and you name it a lot of problems if i don't take pain killer(i had to take every 4-6 hours) i…

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Menstruation and Related, Blood Loss

Uterine Blood Loss

Hi Lloyd- Thank you for writing. The carao worked great for Suzanne!!! She just had surgery about 2 weeks ago to remove polyps from her uterus----the reason for the blood loss and anemia. Basically, the carao and other regimen was simply a "band-aid" until the cause was discovered and alleviated. Initially, she took the carao as prescribed (difficult to ingest), and then slowly ceased. She has a small amount left and plans to take it…

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Improved Energy Level, Menstruation and Related

Anemia of Menopause

"...Well, as of the 12th, I was 6.6 or 6.5, and now I am a 7.0 and I haven't taken the syrup but for 3-4 days along with other supplements.  I feel your  [carao] is helping me more and it is less expensive too!" [later] Hi-I am feeling stronger and better every day....  Thank you so much for all of your help. [later] I stopped using it for a time, but really noticed the difference. ...Again-thank you for being…

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