Anemia (Cause Unknown), Menstruation and Related

No More Menstrual Pain

Dear L.Milse i hope you are doing very well. i have started to do exercise and i am feeling very well and energetic, but the amazing thing about the product is that i use to have a lot of pain when i have period, before it start one week i cry and a lot off depression, back,stomach and you name it a lot of problems if i don't take pain killer(i had to take every 4-6 hours) i had to be at bed the firs two days even before i start carao i felt very ill, but since i started it i haven't had any problem, even i haven't felt that i was having my period just it flows. no pain killer no hot water it is amazing product.  you should recommend it to people who have problem with their period. i am telling my friends. God bless Zaid  7/2006