Use by Seniors, Cancer, Chemotherapy

Anemia due to Chemotherapy for Multiple Myeloma

Mr. Gilbert Creutzberg (full name given by explicit permission), author of The Mozaic (, sent us a letter with blood test results showing his good results for anemia due to chemotherapy.  He wrote:


Hi Lloyd. As I promised on the phone, I was going to send you a copy of the lab results that I am receiving each time I see my oncologist for chemotherapy for multiple myeloma.  The HCT levels pertain to anemia.  Since I did not…

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Use by Seniors, Cancer

Anemia from Cancer

"Thank you very much for your great customer service. My grandmother is dying of cancer and as a result is anemic and has been greatly strengthened and helped by your product with her anemia. Thank you for your help again."  S.B.  (USA)

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Improved Energy Level, High Blood Pressure, Use by Seniors

Improved Energy Level in Senior

Lloyd, I am very happy with the result of my mother taking Carao.   Just a few months ago, my mother could just go to the grocery store and stand in line for a few minutes and feel that she was going to faint. She always had to decide whether to clean a room, or wash dishes, or wash cloths or do other things that needed to be done, but most things had to wait.  She …

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Improved Energy Level, Use by Seniors, Anemia (Cause Unknown)

Friends Want to Take Mother's Supply

My mother is 72 and was very anemic, no energy, pail, blood pressure was in the danger area. After one Large Bottle her energy is back and her heath seems a lot better. I have to Order more than I wanted because my friends has seen the result of my mother and they want to take her supply. Sue, Channelview, TX

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Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), Low Platelets, Use by Seniors

80 year old with MDS

Hello Lloyd, I am sending you this note as a follow-up to an email I originally sent you about 2 months ago. I had told you that my 80 yr. old father had been diagnosed with MDS and was becoming quite anemic. I ordered 3 bottles of the Carao and am happy to report some success with the product. About 8 weeks ago my dad’s hemoglobin count was 10.2 and as of today his latest…

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Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), Use by Seniors

Carao for Anemia of Myelodysplasia

Comment: Hi Lloyd, mum is slowly improving.  Her haemoglobin levels are going up last reading it was 98 which is not in the normal range yet, but in time we will get it there.  She is feeling better in herself each day.  She is also taking a good absorbable iron tablet through a Naturopath and other good supplements for general well being.  Thanks always. Leanne (Australia)

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Doctor Impressed, Improved Energy Level, Use by Seniors, Anemia (Cause Unknown)

HGB from 8 to 11 in one month

Dear Lloyd:
I received an e-mail from the person you mentioned that think that Carao is a scam. I just thought I'll pass it on to you and read what was said and what was my and his response.

...Here are the e-mails from F. Williams and I.
God Bless,
(F. W)
This is the most unusual email I’ve ever written.  I’m very skeptical about purchasing products (especially those with too-good-to-be-true proclamations…

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Transfusion, Improved Energy Level, Use by Seniors

93 Year Old, Improved Energy

Quick follow-up regarding my 93 year old Mom. 

After taking the syrup for 2 days, her white count was low enough that she didn't need another blood transfusion, only by one point and, the doctors were actually surprised.

It has now been eight days and she doesn't appear to be nodding off several times a day and she is beginning to feel more energetic. Also, her hands and feet don't seem to be as cold as…

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Use by Seniors, Anemia (Cause Unknown)

Elderly Woman Reports Benefits

"Recently the doctor found out the reason I have been anemic all my life. Half of the hemoglobin cells did not develop from the time of my birth. I am 88 years old. I cannot take much iron because it constipates me. That has always been a problem. Carao helps a lot. I am doing quite well taking it once a day. Recently I missed a few days and went into a terrible slump. I took it again and…

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Use by Seniors, Anemia (Cause Unknown)

Elderly Woman

Three years  ago when she was 88 doctors told me there was nothing that can be done for her [my mother's] anemia her spleen stopped making red blood cells. She was weak and tired all the time and accepted it as part of being old. I saw your ad on the internet ordered a bottle, after three months her blood count was at the lower end of the normal. This made me a believer. Now…

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