Improved Energy Level, High Blood Pressure, Use by Seniors

Improved Energy Level in Senior

Lloyd, I am very happy with the result of my mother taking Carao.   Just a few months ago, my mother could just go to the grocery store and stand in line for a few minutes and feel that she was going to faint. She always had to decide whether to clean a room, or wash dishes, or wash cloths or do other things that needed to be done, but most things had to wait.  She  would get so week she could do only one thing and then have to rest for long periods of time before trying to do something again.

In just 5 days taking the Carao, she found herself finishing a task and not having to rest before completing it. Now after four bottles, my mother has gone to the grocery store, vacuumed her whole house and washed her dishes before taking a break. I told her not to over do it, but the most amazing thing is that her blood pressure seems to be lower than I have seen it in 5 years. - Ken (Texas)