Doctor Impressed, Transfusion, Use by Children, Sickle Cell Disease

Clinical experience by Dr. Attahiru Isa Sokoto, M.D

Dr. Attahiru Isa Sokoto, M.D.
Department of Paediatrics
Specialist Hospital Sokoto
Sokoto State, Nigeria

(note Sept., 2010: Dr. Sokoto is no longer involved with testing carao, so his contact information has been removed from this website.)

Selected quotes by Dr. Attahiru Isa Sokoto:

"Carao is a new dawn in the management of Sickle Cell Disease and Anaemia.  We have been given it on trial for our Sicklers and Anaemic Patients for Good results."

"Introducing:-Carao  the New Food Nutritional…

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Featured, Transfusion, Childbirth, Blood Loss

Anemia from Blood Loss in Childbirth

"The Tropical Wonder carao [now Tropical Health Foods carao] did wonders for me and saved me from a blood transfusion.  When I started taking the syrup 6 weeks before giving birth my hemoglobin was 10.4, when it was checked when I was admitted to the hospital it was up to 13!!!  It has never been 13 

During labor I lost a lot of blood due to tearing and my hemoglobin after birth was down to 8. …

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Transfusion, Anemia (Cause Unknown)

Needed Transfusions, now "Never Felt Better"

"I've been anemic (severely) requiring blood transfusions... I have received my Carao a month ago and never felt better." Garry Barron (USA)

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Hemolytic Anemia, Featured, Transfusion, Use by Children

Hemolytic Anemia in Child

(The following testimonial letter was translated from Spanish.)

As believers in God, we are are sure that Carao was an answer sent by the Lord in response to our prayers.  For more than 2 years, David had been taking Prednizolona, in relatively large doses (up to 20 mg. daily) for a child of his age (4 years) and when the dosage was reduced (following the doctors' instructions) the autoimmune hemolytic anemia reappeared.  On 4 occasions, David required blood…

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Procrit or Epogen, Transfusion, Improved Energy Level, Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure, Regular Blood Transfusions

Male, age 65 
Kidney failure approximately 1998 
Epogen shots 3 times a week for 3 1/2 years 
Epogen shots 4 times a week for the last 6 months 
Has needed transfusions over the last 8 years every so often ....having had 131 units over this period of time.  Last hospitalizations for transfusion were June 6 , 2005 and again June 26, 2005.  In the last couple years he has been in the hospital for transfusions more than a half dozen times.

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Transfusion, Improved Energy Level, Anemia (Cause Unknown)

No More Transfusions

Dear Lloyd, Just to say thanks for the delivery of the second lot of Carao I ordered for my mother. We received it at the beginning of last week. Your deliveries are always prompt and we really appreciate it. We think the Carao is definitely working. It's been 2 months since my mother's last blood transfusion. She hasn't felt the need to go for a blood test. She doesn't feel weak (or anemic at all), and as I told…

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Transfusion, Improved Energy Level, Use by Seniors

93 Year Old, Improved Energy

Quick follow-up regarding my 93 year old Mom. 

After taking the syrup for 2 days, her white count was low enough that she didn't need another blood transfusion, only by one point and, the doctors were actually surprised.

It has now been eight days and she doesn't appear to be nodding off several times a day and she is beginning to feel more energetic. Also, her hands and feet don't seem to be as cold as…

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Transfusion, Anemia (Cause Unknown), Cancer

Hemoglobin 5 to 12 in 60 days

"Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 16:45:34 -0600

Dear Sir or Madam: I would appreciate if this could be shipped to me as soon as possible. My hemoglobin count is 5 and I am having symptoms of Plummer-Vinson syndrome w/has been linked to esophageal cancer. My doctor has prescribed iron tbs (which I am taking) but has given me only three weeks to increase my hemo count "or else" I will need a blood transfusion-which I want to…

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