Doctor Impressed, Transfusion, Use by Children, Sickle Cell Disease

Clinical experience by Dr. Attahiru Isa Sokoto, M.D

Dr. Attahiru Isa Sokoto, M.D.
Department of Paediatrics
Specialist Hospital Sokoto
Sokoto State, Nigeria

(note Sept., 2010: Dr. Sokoto is no longer involved with testing carao, so his contact information has been removed from this website.)

Selected quotes by Dr. Attahiru Isa Sokoto:

"Carao is a new dawn in the management of Sickle Cell Disease and Anaemia.  We have been given it on trial for our Sicklers and Anaemic Patients for Good results."

"Introducing:-Carao  the New Food Nutritional Supplement with Anti-Anaemic and Anti-sickling Properties.

  1. It stabilises sickle cell erythrocytes and Increases their osmotic fragility.
  2. Carao cause significant reduction in painful crisis in sicklers
  3. Throughout the trial and which we are still on there is no adverse reaction and all our patients of both Sicklers and Anaemia likes it
  4. We give it to most of our patients who needs blood transfusion successfully and had no blood transfusion, only cure with carao."

"As a Physician( Paediatrics),i have never come across a syrup so powerful and give a wonderful results to our sicklers/Anaemic patients like CARAO,
for this reasons i think its higher time your Medical community in the United States,to come down and start adminitering Carao for their sickler/Anaemic patients.They will never regret it and more so there is conservative treatment in modern Medicine,if that's the case why cant give room to CARAO for their community?"

Clinical Results at Sokoto State Specialist Hospital (primarily sickle cell disease patients):
Year 2005    May 2006    Dec.-Feb. 2008     latest results: Feb. 2009

 Dear Loyd,
YES the products are arriving and my patients are benefiting great!!
Thankls alot and god bless,
  On 6/20/08, Lloyd Standish <lloyd at> wrote:
> Thank you very much for responding to this person.  We have been sending 4
> bottles per week to you for a long time.  I hope the product is arriving
> safely, and is benefiting your patients.
> Regards,
> Lloyd

Questions and Answers by Dr. Sokoto

Emailed Question:
Hi I am inquiring about Carao...  I am a 24 year old female with sickle cell anemia.  I would like to try carao in hopes of it increasing my blood levels because transfusions are very unsucessful with me.  Please get back to me with information as soon as possible.  Also i would like to know if it would chemically react with hydrowyurea.  Which i am also taking to increase fetal hemoglobin.  - Tiff 

(Response from Dr. Attahiru Sokoto)
Dear Tiff, Thank you for your e-mail of inquiry in regards to Carao and am pleased to inform you that,Carao is food supplement that has been on trial for almost 2 years now for Sickle cell disease/Anaemia and it has been found to be good in increasing the level of HB in patients that needs blood transfusion and also abort/subside crisis in sicklers.. I can assure you Carao supplement can increase the level of your Hb, where transfusion is need it will surely abort it for 2-3 weeks you will see changes. If you want to see the real effect of Carao you can take it without Hydro urea and if you like you can take it with it. We just begin receiving DATA'S for this 2006 trial results... below is one of the example!!

A 5 year old child a known sickler,presented at our clinic with history of weakness, sleepy, can't eat, legs, hands and generalised body pain and on examination found out to be severely pale.  Were asked to do PCV which gives us (PCV-18%).  The patient need urgent blood transfusion and [instead] was placed on CARAO SYRUP for 2 weeks.  On the follow up the PCV was (PCV-25%) and no more crisis.  

You are welcome with any inquiry about CARAO and God bless you!   Best regards,   Dr. Attahiru Sokoto 12/03/2006  attahirus at gmail dot com Specialist Hospital Sokoto, Department of Paediatrics

Answer to an emailed inquiry, 4/30/2007
Thank you for the inquiry in regards to Carao!!
Carao as a food supplement has prove to be very effective on sickle
cell disease patients and has no side effect!
Carao supplement can increase the level of haemoglobin thus abort
sickle cell crises and blood transfusion. Carao can be taken plain or
with soya milk 2-3 times in a day.

Dear lloyd,
Carao abort crisis,stop pains at less 3-6 months and i have seen some
cases whereby after taken Carao they stop getting pain or crisis
crisis. 5/2007

Q- In other words, it stops crisis 3-6 months, and in some cases the patients
NEVER get more pain or crisis even after, say, a year without taking carao?

A- Yes,it stops crisis 3-6 months, and in some cases the patient NEVER
get more pain or crisis after 1st bottle...I have seen such cases. 5/2007

Dear Mawooz,
Thank you for your inquiry in regards to Carao syrup and i can assure
you that Carao supplement can be give to any patient suffering from
any form of Anaemia being it Beta thal major,it will also increases
ferratin levels,abort blood transfusion and give the well being of
your child.
You are welcome with any inquiry in regards to Carao and looking
forward to hearing about your exprience with Carao syrup.
Best regards and God bless, (Nov. 11, 2007)

 Thank you for your e-mail in regards to Carao and i can assure you
that Carao is food supplement for sicklers/Anaemic patients and it can
dramatical increases the level of PCV/Hb and abort crisis in sicklers.
It can be taken 2-3 teaspoon daily that make well being of any sickler!!
Carao can be given to 0 age that means any child can take it,regardless of age.
you can give him 5 ml(teaspoon) 2-3 times a day!


At our Hospital we used PCV  to evaluate any patient with Anaemia and our Sicklers we used Hb-Genotype to know if their are SS   4/30/2005

All the patients responded with Carao 5/16/2005

 Dear Titchenal,
Thank you for e-mail of inquiry and am happy to share my exprience of
Carao extract with you!
I have been fortunate to use Carao extract for my sickle cell patients
bearly 2 years now at Specialist Hosdpital Sokoto,Nigeria which Lloyd
donates and we have found out to be very helpful to our sicklers
patient in both contolling or aborting crisis and increases
haemoglobin level or pack cell volume(PCV) as you most have read my
report at Carao forum (
The Carao extract is an antisickling agent though we dont know the
mechanisms behind it and as you know there is a lot of designing drugs
in an attempt to prevent sickling has presented an unusual challenge
to the medicinal  chemist.A number of antisickling drugs are being
investigated and attention is being directed to achieve a safe
pharmacological approach for sickle cell anaemia however Carao extract
is the choice and safer for use hence has no side effect and very
Over the years managennt of sickle cell Anaemia has been supportive
and symptomatic only,attempting to alleviate pain,increase haemoglobin
level or combat infections as the occure,with the development of
promisingCarao extract as a food supplement for sicklers,it seems
probably that poorly understand facets of the sickle cell disease will
be  clarified better method of management will be available of more
search of Carao at your level will be carry-out for the benefit of
Dr.Attahiru I.Sokoto

Dear Bukky,
Thanks for your e-mail of inquiry and i can assure you that Carao syrup a food supplement for Sickle Cell Anaemia/Disease is very effect to most of our patients and we have been given Carao to our sicklers for the past 3 years with incredible results,as it increases the level of PCV,abort blood transfusion, subside crisis or even stopped it on some patients.
Carao syrup has no side effect and it can be taken three times in a day with big spoon as the case may be in your child of 9 and it will make your child look healthy and healthy!
Best regards and God bless,
Dr. Sokoto 6/20/2008

On 7/21/08, Fxxxx Exxxx <> wrote:
Dear Dr Sokoto,
I got your email address from Mr Lloyd Standish with regards the use of Carao Fruit for sickle cell.
I understand from Mr Standish that you currently give the above fruit to your sickle cell patients with encouraging results.
My son is 9 and he has sickle cell ( SC). I am considering ordering the carao fruit but I just wanted to clarify a few things with you. I just wanted to know whether taking the fruit will increase the blood levels above normal levels and whether you have seen any adverse side affects in your patients. Are you also still continuing with your studies and is there any official documentation as it seems incredible that if the products has so many benefits why  the product is not made available to all sickle cell patients?
Lastly, could you please let me know what dosage my son of 9 should take and for how long ?
I  look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible so that I can order the product as I understand it takes a while to arrive.
Yours Sincerely,
Bukky, ( UK)

Comparison to Nicosan
Dear Lloyd,
Thank you for the wonderful suggestion of further study on Carao and i
will look into it soon with one of my staff to implement the idea as
I can testify that CARAO is 90% better than Nicosan we will discuss
more on that!
Thank you once again and God bless,
I will soon register at the forum and will be posting my finding.
Dr.Sokoto 6/22/2008

Dear Glinda,
Thank you for your e-mail of inquiry in regards to CARAO a food
supplement for sickle cell Anaemia and any for of Anaemia.
Carao has been very effective on any Anaemia including Myelodysplastic
syndromes (MDS). It will deffently help your old age Father by
increases the level of PCV,weight,help over come the shortness of
breathing, take away weakness and tired and it can be taken with any
hypertensive drugs or any drugs what soever will not interfere with
Just give it a trial,it will speak for it self..
Best regards and God blesss,

On 6/22/08, G. S. <> wrote:

> Dear Dr. Sokoto,
> I am writing on behalf of my 80 yr. old father who has been recently
> diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS). His HGB count is currently
> at 10.2 and his doctor is waiting for it to drop to 10.0 to start giving him
> injections of Procrit. I have read about awful side effects of this drug and
> am not happy with the thought of him having to take it. He is suffering the
> effects of the anemia, pale in color, weight loss, no energy, shortness of
> breath, feeling weak and tired. I came across the website regarding the use
> of the Carao plant in people with anemia. Of course being here in the US
> most doctors will not subscribe to the idea that something other than a drug
> with major side effects could help. I am open to trying natural remedies and
> I think my father would be also. I was wondering if there have been any
> known interactions while using Carao with prescriptions for medications such
> as high blood pressure, some steroid medications he takes for his
> respiratory problems and drugs such as Lipitor for cholesterol. He does take
> aspirin and some vitamins as well. His doctor has not told him much of
> anything. He only found out his diagnosis this past week when he
> specifically asked the doctor what kind of anemia he had. After mentioning
> the condition, MDS, he said nothing more. All he said was that he would get
> a shot and seemed to indicate that would take care of everything. I have
> since researched the disease and found out that it is very serious. Any
> information you could offer me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so
> very much.

> Sincerely,
> Glenda Sxxxxxx

Dr.Attahiru I.Sokoto 6/22/2008

[Note, Glenda later sent me an email reporting positive results for her father.]

Dear Clarke,
Thank you very much for your e-mail of inquiry in regards to CARAO
syrup a food supplement for Sickle cell Anaemia and any form of
Sincerely speaking Carao has been very effective on our
sicklers (Patients) and found to be very good in any form of
Anaemia. It abort blood transfusion, subside VOC crisis make your child
happy and happier forever.
My location is NIGERIA and my Contact phone number s +234 80 52613602
Best regards and Gd bless,
Dr. Sokoto 7/24/2008

On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 9:30 PM,  <> wrote:
> Dr Sokoto,
> I wanted to validate the information I read on the website lauding the
> product, Carao syrup for sicklers.  My son has severe Sickle cell and while
> I was encouraged regarding the info I read, I am very cautious as well as to
> the authenticity of the information.  I noted that only the PCV levels were
> posted, however, I was curious what the HG levels were as well of those
> patients that were named on the site.  My son is in a very grave position
> right now and our goal is to avoid having to have a transfusion so we wish
> to move with a sense of urgency if at all possible.  Where are you located
> and I was wondering if I could communicate with you regarding any advice you
> can provide on this product and in general. My son is 16 months old.

> Please advise if you get the chance as i am desperately in need of guidance
> and help.
> Regards,
> xxxxx Clarke

Comments about Dr. Sokoto:

Thanks for suggesting to me, to talk to Dr. Sokoto. The man is a wonderful man, not only that he gave me one bottle of the juice but he brought it to Abuja personally  to route it through a friend of mine to me.
 Once  again, thanks.
Dr. O. U. Nigeria, April 1, 2009