Low Platelets

Platelets Dramatically Increased

"Hi Lloyd, How are you today?   Dropping you a few line as promised, Yes with great news as I have hope to expect, I guess the carao worked well, been to my doc the result was great my platelets level have been increased by 10,000, it was 86,000 now it's 96,000.   I was unable to take the dosage as directed on the label, i took less, almost every other day and still I was able…

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Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), Low Platelets, Use by Seniors

80 year old with MDS

Hello Lloyd, I am sending you this note as a follow-up to an email I originally sent you about 2 months ago. I had told you that my 80 yr. old father had been diagnosed with MDS and was becoming quite anemic. I ordered 3 bottles of the Carao and am happy to report some success with the product. About 8 weeks ago my dad’s hemoglobin count was 10.2 and as of today his latest…

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Hemolytic Anemia, Low Platelets

Hemolytic Anemia, Costa Rica

Good afternoon Lloyd, how are you?
I want to tell you that today they gave us Andrés' blood test results.  To our surprise Andrés had hemoglobin almost 12 and the blood platelet level fine.  The doctor said that medically he is in very good health.  I am super-content because I know that it has all been due to your carao product, which is so good.

I'm very glad to have met you, and you don't how…

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