Low Platelets

Platelets Dramatically Increased

"Hi Lloyd, How are you today?   Dropping you a few line as promised, Yes with great news as I have hope to expect, I guess the carao worked well, been to my doc the result was great my platelets level have been increased by 10,000, it was 86,000 now it's 96,000.   I was unable to take the dosage as directed on the label, i took less, almost every other day and still I was able to get great result in just a few day before my doc visit, thank you so much, my next doc. appointment will be in October and I'm looking forward for a even greater result because, this time I would have taken it for a much longer period. I will be in touch with my next result, I'm so happy that i discover your web site because your product really is helping me, God Bless!"  Alicia (U.S.)