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Anemia from Blood Loss in Childbirth

"The Tropical Wonder carao [now Tropical Health Foods carao] did wonders for me and saved me from a blood transfusion.  When I started taking the syrup 6 weeks before giving birth my hemoglobin was 10.4, when it was checked when I was admitted to the hospital it was up to 13!!!  It has never been 13 

During labor I lost a lot of blood due to tearing and my hemoglobin after birth was down to 8. …

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Blood Loss from Hemorrhoids

"I feel the product has helped compensate the run-down feeling I was experiencing from hemorrhoidal blood-loss."   Moses  (California)

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Anemia from Menstrual Blood Loss

"I am having tremendous results. I have suffered with extreme blood loss for 8 years and was hospitalized in 1997. I refused a blood transfusion which the doctors insisted I needed.

While in the hospital I was injected with epogen once a week for two weeks to add oxygen to what little blood I had to help increase the production of red blood cells.

Over the next 7 years I would be plagued with extreme fatigue, severe…

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Anemia Due to Bleeding Fibroids

Good news. I had my hemoglobin tested on Tuesday (Jan 11th) after taking carao for only 2 weeks and the result was 7.1 (it was 5.8 on Dec 10th).  I am confident that my next blood test, 4-6 weeks from now, will reveal improved levels in both hemoglobin and iron stores. I am feeling better energy levels already.

I'll keep you posted of the next test results. I have enough carao to keep me…

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Blood Loss

Anemia Due to Blood Transfusions

"I donated a unit of autologous blood and found that my hemoglobin went up one whole gram because of the carao syrup. I have been taking it for one month to alleviate anemia due to the need to donate two units of blood for my up and coming surgery in Jan. The real test will be next week when they recheck it before giving the second unit. Thank you  for your interest. I will continue…

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Uterine Blood Loss

Hi Lloyd- Thank you for writing. The carao worked great for Suzanne!!! She just had surgery about 2 weeks ago to remove polyps from her uterus----the reason for the blood loss and anemia. Basically, the carao and other regimen was simply a "band-aid" until the cause was discovered and alleviated. Initially, she took the carao as prescribed (difficult to ingest), and then slowly ceased. She has a small amount left and plans to take it…

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