Menstruation and Related, Blood Loss

Uterine Blood Loss

Hi Lloyd- Thank you for writing. The carao worked great for Suzanne!!! She just had surgery about 2 weeks ago to remove polyps from her uterus----the reason for the blood loss and anemia. Basically, the carao and other regimen was simply a "band-aid" until the cause was discovered and alleviated. Initially, she took the carao as prescribed (difficult to ingest), and then slowly ceased. She has a small amount left and plans to take it to boost her system back up now that the surgery is complete. Thank you for this amazing product! S.O. Virginia 8/2006 

Lloyd replied: " "Thanks for letting us know.  I'm very glad Suzanne took the blood loss problem seriously and addressed the cause.  Carao is very useful for building blood, but we always encourage women in these cases to find a way to stop the blood loss."