Improved Energy Level, Diabetes, Use by Seniors, Anemia (Cause Unknown)

Short Comments by Users

"Lloyd, here are the results in a nutshell from my mothers [Diane's] blood tests, pre and post carao.. 12/5/02 Hem-9.8,RBC 31 1/20/03 Hem-12.3,RBC 37"  Diane Chachere (USA) [Editor's note: this is 2.7 points in 7 weeks]

 "...I've been taking it for just over a week now...It seems like I'm already feeling better (i have very bad anemia)...I can stay up at night a little better now...waking up with more energy too."  Donna  (California USA) 

"I will note that my energy has increased...exponentially...I will take your advice and I do my blood work about every three I will keep you posted."  Tim  (California USA)

I purchased one bottle for my 87 year old father that has anemia and just with one day of use he feels much better. Thank you very much. Muchas gracias por hacernos disponible esta gran fruta. Maria Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA

Hi lloyd,.. thanks for the follow up. She is feeling better. She doesn't like the smell or the taste so I have to reminder her to take it,.. she is like a 5 year old. Her hemoglobin count is back up to 11 though. So thanks again.  Albert USA

"Thank you so much Lloyd! I love the product. I feel so much better when I am taking it." - Viktoriya (California)

"I also would like you to know for the first time in three years my HGB is normal. now 13,was 7 for three years .thanks Marilyn" (Florida)

I'm glad to inform you that the product you sent has been of great benefit to my mother, Thanks, Celia USA
Me agrada informarle que su producto que me envió le fue de mucha ayuda a mi madre, Gracias, Celia USA

I was traveling overseas when I took the pure carao extract - so I was consuming it sporadically...  I felt an increase in strength and vitality while taking it though.  I only consumed one of the two bottles I ordered and that too spread out over the course of a month.  But as I said before I felt I had more energy while taking it.  Thanks, Zeeba Rockville, MD

"Wife says she already notices marked improvement!" - Malcolm (California)


Dear Mr. Standish: Thank you for such a wonderful product. I am delighted with the results. The smell is awful - the taste is rather sweet, but the great results are well worth it. Regards, Irene, FL

Your medicine has done away with the fatigue that has plagued me for years!"  Margaret, New York

I find the flavour very reminiscent of chocolate and exceedingly easy to take, sipping it direct from the spoon" Jo, U.K.

I ordered one bottle of carao from your company in May (right before my trip to China). Carao worked really well for me: I have more energy now. So I would like to continue this treatment.  Elena, Hawaii

This product is working very well for my wife. THANKS!   Marcina, UT

I have been taking the Tropical Wonder [Tropical Health Foods carao] for one week now and have had surprisingly good results. Much more energetic and having a strong feeling of well being I have not enjoyed since my youth.  Dale, WI

I have ordered once before, and raised my blood test levels significantly.  After quitting, they went down. So I am reordering."  David, WI

"Carao certainly did give me the boost I needed. I want to have it around to use as an  occasional support to help prevent any setback I might have.  Thank you."  Jacquie  OR

I am buying this product for my mom and it definitely works... it is a miracle!!! Nancy Puerto Rico USA

by the tastes great in warm chocolate milk...... Susan NJ, USA

Hello Lloyd, I ordered your cacao fruit syrup back in May-June.  My recent lab work reports much improvement in my anemia.... William

This product has restored my life. now my husband is taking it. we do not eat meat of any kind and this sure helps us keep our anemia at bay. Betty, NC, USA

 I'm inspired by your willingness to help and your unconditional support. It suggests that you're in the business of helping people have better lives. It bodes well for your business.  May you have immense success!  Kind Regards, Lorna Toronto, Canada

I am insulin diabetic with very low energy levels, however Carao has given me the enery at 83 that I used to have at 63. Austin, Ontario Canada

 "Excellent product- works very well"  Frederick,  FL, USA

 Thank you very much for going to all this trouble for us - it is very much appreciated.  Will let you know how Ron goes with the Carao in getting his blood count up.Thanks for the fantastic customer service and communications - 2nd to none!! Jennifer Australia

This is the second time I have ordered this product for my eldest daughter.  She says it really helped her the other time she used it.  Thank you from both of us. Margaret Arizona, USA