Improved Energy Level, Menstruation and Related, Blood Loss

Anemia Due to Bleeding Fibroids

Good news. I had my hemoglobin tested on Tuesday (Jan 11th) after taking carao for only 2 weeks and the result was 7.1 (it was 5.8 on Dec 10th).  I am confident that my next blood test, 4-6 weeks from now, will reveal improved levels in both hemoglobin and iron stores. I am feeling better energy levels already.

I'll keep you posted of the next test results. I have enough carao to keep me going for quite some months, I'd say, but I won't let it run out. I'll need it at least until I can dissolve these fibroids and reduce the bleeding - which I anticipate will take at least a few months. After all, I've had them for years! Nina (Australia),
[Lloyd comments: Although carao helps the anemic condition, it should not be considered a solution to bleeding fibroids.  The bleeding must be stopped or controlled.]