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Anemia due to Chemotherapy for Multiple Myeloma

Mr. Gilbert Creutzberg (full name given by explicit permission), author of The Mozaic (, sent us a letter with blood test results showing his good results for anemia due to chemotherapy.  He wrote:


Hi Lloyd. As I promised on the phone, I was going to send you a copy of the lab results that I am receiving each time I see my oncologist for chemotherapy for multiple myeloma.  The HCT levels pertain to anemia.  Since I did not take carao, or any over-the-counter food supplements during and after the operation in Aug. '11 for a hip operation, until Sept., the HCT level had gone down, but went back up steadily once I was back home, taking carao regularly.  Yesterday, the HCT level was back to normal. I think the carao is definitely a factor in my recovery.  The cancer is in remission.  I do daily Yoga exercises and eat health foods, lots of fruits and vegetables.  I can walk almost normally, though still with a cane for distance. Rather than once a week, I come in now once ever two weeks for chemotherapy. Thanks again for providing an important service of making this health food from Costa Rica available to people like me. Peace, Gilbert Creutzberg.

Blood Test, before carao