Procrit or Epogen, Doctor Impressed, Anemia (Cause Unknown)

No More Procrit, "Nurses are in Awe"

"Hi Lloyd, I purchase some bottles of the carao awhile back because of my body being unable to produce hemoglobin correctly. I wanted to give you a few labs numbers, as I get procrit shots about one time a month. There are side effects from the shots, but when you have no choice, that’s what you do. The last shot I received was May 2, at which time is about when I received the Carao. Since that time, my numbers have been

5/29 HGB 10.1 HCT 32.4 RBC 3.36 6/5 HGB 9.9 HCT 31.9 RBC 3.31

At that time, I had began using the Carao and when I discussed this with the oncology dept., they explained to me not to expect any great results quickly, as hemoglobin takes its time getting higher results, just as I had already read when looking at the information given about Carao.

6/12 HGB 10.3 HCT 32.8 RBC 3.42 6/19 HGB 10.8 HCT 34.7 RBC 3.62

I’m not certain what these numbers need to be, but I have to say, the nurses at the oncology dept. are in awe….they laughingly told me to bring a bottle when I came for my regular dr. apt. in a few weeks (and try to sell it to him) lol

At any rate, I am hoping my kidney dr. sees good results as well, I will keep you posted on the success. This stuff doesn’t taste so great, but my hubby puts it in a class of chocolate milk, then pops it in the microwave…..and it really isn’t all that bad.

I am soooooo glad to have stumbled across Carao, and thank you so much.  Sincerely, Donna"  Missouri