Improved Energy Level, Cancer, Chemotherapy

Improved blood values Allow Chemotherapy

"Good morning LLoyd It is been almost 3 weeks that my husband started  taking carao, and I believe that although he still may need another transfusion in  few weeks he does not feel as weak as he used to feel before. My husband and myself have faith that this is going to help him and who knows with God's help he may not even need a bone marrow transplant. I also have to mention that  I gave one of the bottles to my mother who suffers of breast cancer and is getting quimo- last two sessions of quimo were suspended because her hemoglobin was very low. but she started taking carao and last blood test result showed that her hemo was 75% better, and she started receiving the quimo again. I have no words to thank you and I want to order another bottle of the same size. please let me know the price and I will sent you the check.  thank you again and have a nice day."  Irene (New York)