Improved Energy Level, Anemia (Cause Unknown)

Improved Energy

Dear Mr. Lloyd Standish, This is my third order for your product. I am a 64-year-old male diagnosed with anemia. I have undergone a series of tests for gastric bleeding but none was found. My doctor prescribed iron supplements but after taking them for two months I did not  experience a lot of improvement from my symptoms although my condition did not deteriorate. Then I found your website and ordered a large bottle just to…

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Use by Athletes

Wins National Championship on Carao

I am curious how Carao actually increases RBC/hematocrit.  I am a female athlete and am concerned I will "test positive" for some unknown "blood doping" product if I am tested at an event.  As an older athlete I figure carao helps to offset the ravages of induced anemia but would hate to think I am "cheating".  USADA has lists of things which are banned, of course cassia grandis isn't there but perhaps a component of…

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Anemia (Cause Unknown)

Full Recovery in 2 Months

Hello Lloyd, Better late than never: I want to let you know that I received my order for 4 bottles a little short of 3 weeks later, in mint condition. Thank you very much. And here is something more:   I have some excellent news:   My blood was re-tested on Sept. 1st and my hemoglobin is now back in the "normal" category at 12.8. (I feel it will probably still get better.) When I first…

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Improved Energy Level

Improved Energy in only 1 Week

I have just been taking it for a little over a week, and do believe it is beginning to have its effect. My stamina is stronger, and am able to get more things accomplished in a day. I still have to be careful about not over doing it. When I am feeling good, it is easy to get carried away with the schedule, but I do see definite improvement.   

[several weeks later] 

"Bravo! All four bottles…

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Use by Seniors, Anemia (Cause Unknown)

Blood Levels Are "Right where they should be"

Dear Lloyd, I just want to thank you for the great Customer care you have  given me and I just want you to know that your Dad I guess actually called my home to tell me that he was shipping some Caroa to my home so that I can continue giving it to my daughter.  Thank You soooo much. Gina I can't even begin to tell what wonders this product has done for my grandmother. …

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