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Wins National Championship on Carao

I am curious how Carao actually increases RBC/hematocrit.  I am a female athlete and am concerned I will "test positive" for some unknown "blood doping" product if I am tested at an event.  As an older athlete I figure carao helps to offset the ravages of induced anemia but would hate to think I am "cheating".  USADA has lists of things which are banned, of course cassia grandis isn't there but perhaps a component of the chemical compound would cause a "positive".   Any comments or suggestions on how to delve deeper into this issue.  Thanks for your time, Nuss, TX.   

[Lloyd's reponse] Hi Nuss, Carao is a natural fruit and does not leave any traces in the body.  It is just super nutrition! It has been used by Olympic champions who get tested for drugs regularly, and there is never anything detected.  The effect is nutritional, not chemical. 

[Later] I won my age group National Championship in the 500 TT! Nuss, Texas