Improved Energy Level

Feels Very Good!

 "Dear lloyd,This eric with a nice update went to work for the first time in a long time feel very nice work through the day with good energy without feelin tired the sun was out too felt that smooth energy level again damn it was nice didnt jump out of balance it felt nice so far incorparated wheatgrass cubes with banna ,papaya,pineapple,mango with brewer yeast,maca root,grounded flax seeds and water in the blender and I went out to buy bee pollen subsided my diet at work today didnt really feel hungry at all,Ate at 400 this afternoon snack on manna bread drank water just feel to damn good to be true!I truly believe that capcarao is doing this before I did the same thing but never felt this way/good as I am now!Thanks Again you just dont know how good it feels!"  Eric (USA)