Cancer, Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy for breast cancer

"Hi Lloyd, My friend, a 40 year old Nigerian lady, had recently undergone surgery for breast cancer. She was having post operative chemotherapy but treatment was delayed as she was somewhat anemic. She then started taking a herbal formula called "Floradix" (they have several variants and I don't know which one). This had helped her blood count but it was still low at around 8. When she added the carao while continuing to take Floradix it became completely normal within a few days and she was able to have her final chemotherapy treatment (thanks in part to the speedy delivery of the product).  After a break of about 3 weeks, during which she returned to Africa for a visit, she has now embarked on a course of radiotherapy and is maintaining a good blood count taking the carao and Floradix. She is taking a number of anticarcinogenic natural supplements which I hope will mitigate the effects of the chemo and radiation. Overall she seems to be in good form. I shall let you know more as the treatment concludes."  PRP (London)