Doctor Impressed, Low Ferritin (Blood Iron)

Low Iron Resolved

I would like to thank you. I am 49 years old and have suffered from low iron stores and in turn this has lowered my haemoglobin. For 6 years now I have been taking iron tablets and they have had little effect. My iron stores in August were 5.7 and in 6 weeks went up to 18. My haemoglobin went from 12 to 13 in that period as well. My doctor was amazed and had to admit it was carao that had made the difference. before i started taking carao my blood was only making miniscule cells while after the doctor said my cells had increased in size and were more healthy.  

I am not sure what the maintenance dosage is and would ask for your advice. I have finished the 2 bottles and have ordered more. Many thanks again as I have been seeking help for years and until now no one has been able to help me. 
Gillian, Northern Ireland