Low Ferritin (Blood Iron), Improved Energy Level, Anemia (Cause Unknown)

Low Iron, Hair Falling Out

Hi Lloyd, I want to thank you for such a wonderful product. I am 33 years old and have been anemic for many years, feeling tired and sleeping during the day was very normal for me, Iv'e been told that my body doesn't absorb iron very well, I was so low in iron that it affected my moods, I became very depressed and tearful.

One of the hardest things I had to cope with was losing handfulls of hair every day.I've been losing hair for about 4 years and have been on every tablet and medicine for hair, but nothing seemed to work. It was having a big strain on my family esp. my husband who i'm sure was so tired of hearing how much hair I was losing every day. I didn't know at the time that all these problems I was having was a result of low iron.

I starting to think I had a hormone imbalance, so I went to the doctors to have a blood test done for hormone levels.The results came back normal but my iron levels were very low, my ferritin (iron stores) was 3, my doctor told me to get on iron pills immediately, I knew that the tablets wouldn't help me much (tried before) and knew that there would be something natural out there that could help.

I began to search on the net and came across your site, it seemed to be the very thing I was looking for, and with the money back guarantee I knew that I couldn't go wrong. I ordered straight away and after a week received the product.I wasn't keen on the smell or the taste (it tasted better than the smell) but tried it in juice, much better.

I went back to the doctors 3 weeks later and my ferritin was up to 29, doc said that I was responding well to the tablets(I knew it as the carao).I've been taking carao for 3 months now, I'm back to feeling happy again and have a lot more energy, thanks to your wonderful product.And best of all my hair has stopped falling out. I'm sure my family would like to thank you also, because they now have their wife and mother back to her old self. Thanks again. Kind regards, Pauline Sydney, Australia