Leukemia, Blood Valued Improved

My family and I are very glad to inform you that my sister' hemoglobin is already 9 from 6 in just a month!!!! Her white blood cells count was 5,000 plus before she took the carao, but now it was reduced to 3,000 plus. It is really miracle!! We believe that God really works in mysterious ways.... My sister wants to order another two large bottles of carao from you.... We are now looking for a better doctor or a specialist in spleen enlargement. That is the problem we have now, but we are very thankful that at least we have already solved, thru you help, her problem in low blood. Again, we are very thankful to God that He created a person like you to discover the cure for low blood. Sincerely yours Ludybeth, Philippines
(Editor's note: Lloyd does not claim to have discovered carao for anemia.)