Low Ferritin (Blood Iron), Improved Energy Level

Iron Level Normalized

"I would like to put another order in for the same amount as the last time...4 bottles. I think that I also gave you my visa number through my email because for some reason, it couldn't go through the order form. Can we do that again?

Also, I would like to say that this product has been unbelievable! My iron has never been this good. Because of my low iron, I have been getting it checked approx. every month for the last few months since using your product. I am so happy to say that my iron has been increasing gradually since.

The readings state that your iron should be between 20 and 150. My reading was below 20 when I started using Carao. Two readings ago, which was one and a half months, was 33. But my reading from last week was a whopping 67! I can't believe it! 67!!!

I have always been very active playing basketball and soccer so I have always been in good shape. But now, I feel I can run forever on the court and the field. When my doctor's secretary had called with the good news, she said that my doctor wanted to know what I was taking or doing. I did mention this product to her during my last appt. but I guess we will be discussing it a lot more next time I see her.Thank you, Lloyd. And yes, you can use every thing I just said in your newsletter." Jean Canada