Low Ferritin (Blood Iron), Crohn's Disease

Improved Ferritin, Crohn's Remission

"I take your product along with Floradix, a naturopathic supplement called Femigen and a homeopathic remedy called Ferrum Metalicum. My hemoglobin was 96 and now 97 and my ferritin (iron stores) was 2 and is now 5. It is slow going but I definitely have a lot more energy to do all the things I need to do. I am a workaholic and it is nice to be able to get back into it. I feel back on top again. On several occasions in the past my family doctor wanted me to have blood transfusions to combat the anemia. I am so glad to know about your product and to be able to use it with the other things that I take. [Later] Actually, my crohn's went into remission shortly after taking the carao. The last time it went into remissions was over 10 years ago and I have had crohn's/colitis for 25 years. Mind you with western drugs it sort of went into remission only to come back again and again. Two years ago I started taking natural and homeopathic medicine which marked the beginning of a better quality of life for me but still could not get the crohn's to go into remission. Also, at the same time taking the carao I have been seeing a chiropractor. From doing some research I learned how the spinal chord could also affect your over all health. I started juicing vegetables and fruit as well.   So, I am not sure if it is everything together or just one of these things that has helped me to feel completely healthy again.   I do feel better than I can last remember....thanks for asking....Thank you for your very kind, sincere and prompt professionalism."  Debbra (Nova Scotia)