Hemolytic Anemia, Improved Energy Level

Hemolytic Anemia in Adult

Hello Lloyd Thought I'd give some feedback over the product I ordered a couple months ago. I've since been back to my doctors for some more blood tests which have now confirmed that the levels are now normal, which is great. I'm not sure that the two smaller bottles were enough during the course I was taking the medicine for and so will probably order some more in order to ensure a comprehensive treatment. It was a couple of weeks ago that I finished the course, daily intake being about 3/4 teaspoons. I am beginning to feel a bit more lethargic at the moment so this is another reason for me wanting to make sure that the autoimmune hemolytic anaemia is fully treated once an for all (unless it turns out to be a permanent dysfunction for me??) I presume I go on to the appropriate page on your website to make a repeat order? Sam, UK