Doctor Impressed, Anemia (Cause Unknown)

Endocrinologist was Impressed

The carao is for my wife.  Elaine has suffered with anemia issues for most of her life and now (at 64) is borderline with a thyroid condition.  She is 2 thirds through the 2nd bottle of carao and last week received good results from a recent blood test.  Her endocrinologist was impressed with her improvement since the last visit (before she started the carao).  Elaine has also  recently been taking largish doses of vitamin C (a 1,500 mg tablet morning and night) so that may also have a bearing, though going by the text above vitamin C should be taken with vegetables to improve iron uptake (Elaine takes it on a empty stomach ) so it's hard to say what does and does not work.  But she feels that the carao has helped, she has more colour in her hands, before her palm-lines were white whereas now they're pink (and we're in the middle of winter when white palms are not unusual). I hope the above has helped.  Cheers, Peter Australia