Diabetes, Anemia (Cause Unknown)

Diabetic User

Dear Lloyd, Thanks for the update on Carao and the person with adult onset  diabetes.  It is good to hear of successes like that.  I have not been taking Carao for 6 weeks....and I can sure tell the difference!  The reason I quit is that my blood sugar was too high and my  holistic physician said there was way too much sugar in the Carao.  So what do I do?  I believe I am answering my own  question.  I am going to go back on the  Carao today!  I know it was doing me a lot  of good....as I wrote before to you, my nail beds began to get pink again. Before I started on Carao, my hemoglobin was 8 or below....I never went  back after the 8 reading but I could tell it was lower.  I still have some  pink in my nails, but I feel like I am missing this  inner feeling of well  being and a strengthening that I had when I was on Carao. Are there any studies you can steer me to in regard to the sugar content of Carao and diabetes? Do you have any medical people who use it or recommend it even with diabetes?  I am going to listen to my body and what it has been telling me which is to start taking Carao again.  In fact as soon as I am done with this email, I  am going to go take some. Blessings to you, Kathleen 

[Lloyd's comment: diabetics can and do take carao fruit with no problem, since the carbohydrate involved (about 9 grams per day) is small.  I asked a doctor in Costa Rica about the use of carao in diabetes. His response is here.]