Anemia (Cause Unknown), Childbirth

Chronic Anemia in Woman

"I thank you so much for your help in participating in curing my anemia. I have had this  problem for a long time, and i think it has a lot to do with having five children, they sure  took alot from me and i also nursed them all, so that i think maybe have been one of the causes. Not that i am blaming them for this, i was blessed with five children, now, i just want to stay strong to be able to enjoy life with them and not be so tired all the time. I have always wondered if there was any other way to do this instead of taking iron pill with vitamin c. I don't find that they are as effective as your product. I love your product, because it's natural, and i belief in taking natural product for healing. I really dislike taking pill, they are full of chemically, atleast, that's what i believe. I would like to thank you and your father again. I can not put it in words how i feel. You just made a wonderful woman happier. And for that, may God bless you both.  sincerely, Mary" (Ontario, Canada)