Use by Children, Anemia (Cause Unknown)

Child's Blood "Best it's Ever Been"

"My 5 year old daughter was born with very poor blood. We tried lots of iron supplements through the years and nothing helped. In November she was tested for cancer antibodies and sure enough had elevated levels because her body was not getting enough oxygen due to the anemia. I prayed for help and was guided to your site. She took Carao for 6 weeks and her blood is the best its ever been (hemoglobin was 11.1 now is 11.8, hematocrit was 30.4 now is 36.7, MCV was 77.3 now 84, RBC was 3.93 now 4.35). My doctor was amazed and recommended another round to see if we could get even more improvement. So here's my order with a few extra bottles for me! God Bless!" - Arlene (Connecticut)