Carao for Diabetics?

Since Tropical Health Foods carao is 100% pure extract of carao, it contains some natural sweetness from the fruit.  I recently asked Dr. Luis Carmona to comment on the use of carao by diabetics.  His reply follows:

Although fructose and glucose in the diet can affect diabetes, it is also true that the diet of the diabetic needs from 40-60% of carbohydrates, both compound carbohydrates as well as monosacharides. What can be done is to reduce the consumption of fine starches (potato, sweet potato, beets, squash, cooked carrots, very ripe fruits, bananas, plantains, tortillas, pastries, cookies, and bread), and reduce the consumption of rice. By doing this, carao can be used until the anemia is corrected.  (Dr. Luis Carmona, MD, February 20, 2005)